About Techsmidt

Who are we?

Techsmidt consultants usually have a decade or two of experience, with many of us coming either from product companies or from a prior career in consulting.

We're proud to say we only work with experienced system developers and architects who are top talents in their field. In order to build a great company culture for the long term, we place importance on providing a great environment with ample opportunities for interesting work and professional growth.

Of course, we also provide the usual consulting firm schtick - popular activities and opportunities to meet, celebrate our successes and share experiences within the company. But honestly, we're better at it than most. You'll see for yourself.

We know consulting can be a bit of a lonely path, so we make sure to provide forums for spreading knowledge and talking about every interesting thing under the sun.

Our customers are market leading innovators and name brands. We actively look for customers who want to join us in spearheading technological development. We do this because we know that we want to be where the interesting things happen.

Our non-existent employee turnover speaks for itself. For us, the fact that we’re growing steadily, and that people prefer staying with us, means we are doing something right.


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Mail: info@techsmidt.se
Tel: +46 0 704 965 551
Techsmidt AB
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
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About Techsmidt

Techsmidt is a growing consultancy passionate about system development.
We assist our customers in making great decisions, and building outstanding products.